Selected Exhibitions

` Augmented Sunrise Beneath The Skin at`, Gr_und , Berlin (2018)

`Dead Air` at Gr_und, Berlin, Longtang, Zürich, Gossamer Fog, London (2018)

`Haptic House` at Horse and Pony, Berlin (2018)

`Core Remission` at Gr_und, Berlin (2017)

`Smokescreen` at Ying Colloseum, Dresden (2017)

`Tell them we said No` at Galerie Koal, Berlin (2017)

`auge sonne arschloch ei` at 8.Salon, Hamburg (2017)

`Kennen Sie Turner?` at Shoot the Lobster, New York City (2017)

`New Econony` at Troja Transnational Office, Braunschweig (2016)

`PULPO` at KunstWerke, Köln (2015)